We are currently seeking participants to investigate whether multisensory integration (that is, combining visual and tactile sensory information) can change people’s perception about what they look like. The study involves attending one 90-minute session at our ISN research lab, located at ISN Psychology, 443 Upper Heidelberg Road, Heidelberg VIC 3084.

Who can participate?

Participation is completely voluntary. You are eligible to participate if you:

  • Are female and aged over 18 years old
  • Currently have a BMI ranging between 20-25
  • EITHER you have previously been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa OR have never been diagnosed with any other form of eating disorder (see below).

Who cannot participate?

Those who have been diagnosed with bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorder cannot be involved.

If you do not know your current BMI, please use the following link to an online calculator: http://healthyweight.health.gov.au/wps/portal/Home/helping-hand/bmi

Although participation is voluntary, we would like to thank participants by offering the chance to win one of 29 Coles/Myer ($100 x1; $50 x3, $20 x8, $10 x14, $5 x3). Winners will be notified by email.

For more information, or if you would like to take part in the study, please contact us via the following link: https://isn.edu.au/research-participation/

Alternatively contact Dr. David Butler at dbutler@isn.edu.au

The present research has been approved by the ISN Psychology Pty Ltd. Human Research Ethics Committee (approval number: 181106). Please contact ISN Psychology Pty Ltd. Human Research Ethics Contact Officer (Dr Heather Madsen) to discuss any concerns you may have about this project (ethis@isn.edu.au).