Our psychology projects explore environmental impacts on behaviour, cognitive functioning and mental state.


Explore exciting possibilities to work with world leaders in the field of neuroscience.

Human Nature

What factors determine and influence our human nature? Find out about our exciting research focusing on evolutionary psychology and social neuroscience.


Explore the exciting new field of epigenetics. How do our past experience and the environment we live in shape who we are? We explore this using cutting edge techniques in behavioural molecular genetics.


Bionics research into the development of devices for treatment of epilepsy and hearing disorders use the latest tools and multidisciplinary approaches from computer science to psychology.

Artificial Intelligence

Towards a new nature.  Explore how psychology is playing a role in the development of artificial intelligence and how it will help shape societies in the 21st century and beyond.

Social Science

Explore how different societies have develop depending on features inherit in their culture including practices, beliefs and rituals.

Clinical Research

Explore the new generation technology available at ISN to conduct effective research to establish efficacy of treatments for clinical practice or basic research in psychology.

Evolutionary Psychology

Explore the biological, sensory and belief structures that help bind our behaviour to broad cultural groups and co-operative alliances. Explore how environmental and behavioural adaptations influence history.

Research Funding

As ISN invests  into research, Honours and Master Level students have access to well-funded research placements.

We have a range of projects run by ISN academics and we also collaborate with other researchers in the industry.

Research Funding

Postgraduate Research

Our students are able to engage in research with world-leading professionals. Funding may be provided for research that is consistent with ISN’s vision.

We are growing the research program to include joint work with a broad range of medical facilities, hospitals and other education providers.

These partnerships provide opportunities to collaborate on research projects in a student’s fields of interest, or to undertake clinical placement positions in hospitals and other agencies.


ISN Psychology welcomes ISN Innovations to the Institute for Social Neuroscience. ISN Innovations will undertake purpose driven research to enable people and societies to thrive in an evolving world. Translational Research at its core. More information to follow – stay tuned!