Our Clinic

Mental illness is an issue that devastates lives and families, affecting millions of people each year. Problems such as anxiety, depression and addictive behaviours bring misery and put a strain on relationships, robbing life of joy and fulfilment.

ISN Clinic has been set up to provide research informed treatments for mental illness, to restore mind body balance and to promote resilience and well-being. We use evidence-based techniques from across the world to apply and improve existing treatments. We carefully monitor the progress of each client to measure effectiveness and success.

Our focus goes far beyond the consulting room. We aim to develop healthy lifestyles, by providing support for healthy routines that allow people to build resilience and cope with the challenges of life. We promote a healthy diet, exercise, self-discipline and mutual support. We believe life can be joyful and effective.

Consulting Suites

The ISN Clinic is housed inside ISN College at 443 Upper Heidleberg Road, Ivanhoe. The suites provide high quality medical accommodation for specialists servicing hospitals in the Heidelberg medical precinct.

ISN Clinic draws on research conducted around the world, both from our own ISN research team and from our interactions with external organisations. These researchers are focused on exploring new techniques and evidence-based approaches to treatment. We explore the environmental and gene contribution to behaviour and mental well-being.

The clinic is staffed by leading practitioners and researchers whose studies are published in high-ranking international journals. They also teach at the ISN College.

Clients can call the clinic on (03) 8900 0029 or email reception@isnclinic.net to make an appointment.