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ISN Psychology Key Dates

It’s important to keep track of the key events during the year, so please refer here when you need to know when courses are starting, Census day deadlines, mid semester or semester  break and exam periods.

ISN Course Dates – 2018 (Undergraduate and Masters)

Date Event
Semester One
19th – 23rd February Orientation Week
26th February Classes Commence
2nd  – 6th April Mid Semester Break
9th April Classes Resume
30th April Census Date
25th May Classes End
28th May – 1st June Swot Vac
4th – 22nd June Exam Period
22nd June End of Semester
Semester Two (Semester 1 for mid-year entry)
23rd July Classes Commence
31st August Census Date
3rd – 7th September Mid Semester Break
10th September Classes Resume
19th October Classes End
22nd – 26th October Swot Vac
29th October – 16th November Exam Period
16th November End of Semester