ISN IT Guide

Student Email


Student email is accessed directly via Gmail ( Once a student starts a course with ISN, all relevant information regarding the course will be communicated via this address.

Students will recieve usernames, passwords and relevant information about their accounts at orientation.

Moodle Site


All lecture notes, slides, activities and assignments are located on the ISN Moodle site ( Students are expected to view this site regularly to keep up to date with academic activities.

Students may log into Moodle using their Computer Login / Gmail details, alternatively by linking the account to their ISN Gmail account.

Student Portal

Student Portal

The Student Portal ( contains student enrolment details, timetables, documents relevant to the course, as well as allowing for a safe space to upload documents directly to our administration team for processing.

Student Portal access is granted when students are enrolled in the course – This is done via your external email address. Once classes start this address is changed to your ISN Gmail student account to keep logins consistent.

Printing / Papercut

Papercut Account

Students may access their printing account to update credit, print via the web, check their balance, etc at the following link (

Students may access this account using their ISN computer account name and password.

Password Management

Students have two distinct passwords

  • One for Gmail, Cloud, Moodle, Wifi Access & Computer Login
  • One for the Student Portal

Automatic Password Recovery Setup (Gmail, Cloud, Moodle etc)

Passwords may be recovered automatically only after setting up your account completely. To set up auto password recovery, click the following link:

You will need to log in using your current ISN Gmail username and password.

When you have logged in, you can then add a phone number and alternate email address with which you can receive a password reset confirmation code.

Password Recovery (Gmail, Cloud, Moodle, etc)

Once your password recovery has been set up, you may reset your password at any time via the password recovery link:

Password Recovery Link:

Changing your Password (Gmail, Cloud, Moodle etc)

Student passwords may be changed in 2 ways: Online or Onsite


You will ned to log in using your Gmail username and password.

When logged in, choose a new password.

This will update your Gmail, Cloud, Moodle, Wifi Access & Computer Login, so you will need to re-login to those accounts with your new password.


Log into a computer onsite.

Once logged in, press Control, Alt and Delete at the same time. You can change your password via one of the menu options presented.

Student Portal Troubleshooting

For any further assistance please contact IT at