Inherent Requirements for ISN Master of Psychology (Clinical)

Working as a clinical psychologist is a complex and challenging role with wide ranging responsibilities. Foremost among these is our responsibility for the safety of the public. At ISN Psychology we take this very seriously.

As part of ISN Psychology training in clinical psychology you will be made aware of the personal, professional, ethical and legal aspects of these responsibilities.

In effect, the training in the Master’s program involves developing knowledge, learning a set of skills and taking up the role of a professional psychologist. To this end, the development of the personal and professional go hand in hand.

A number of aspects of your training program are designed to specifically support the development of these skills. These include regular monitoring of your academic and professional activities and engagement in all aspects of the program. You will be given feedback about how you are progressing with taking up the role of clinical psychologist and developing the required competencies.

The inherent standards below specify the course requirements of the Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) for student admission and progression. The statements are clustered under eight domains consisting of ethical behaviour, behavioural stability, legal, communication, cognition, relational skills, reflective skills and sustainable performance. Many of the activities associated with the professional practice of a registered psychologist are time sensitive, where the capacity to perform certain activities within specified time limits is required to reduce or avoid risks to patient safety and wellbeing. The safety and wellbeing of you and others is always of paramount importance.

Students are required to undertake placement activities in mixed gender environments which reflect the Australian health care context.

Successfully completing the course enables you to apply for registration as a registered psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA), which is a partner board of the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority (AHPRA). The inherent requirements outlined below provide a guide for students and staff when deciding whether you are able to meet these requirements and the type of reasonable adjustments that could be put in place to allow you to complete the course without compromising the academic integrity of the course.

Your responsibility is to act professionally. This involves ongoing reflection and actively engaging and responding to feedback. Professional conduct that falls outside of this is subject to review. The review process may include participation in a meeting with senior ISN staff where feedback, guidelines for professional behaviour and timelines for change will be provided.

In instances where an appropriate standard of professional behaviour is not attained, ISN Psychology retain the option to terminate involvement in the program.