Celebrating NAIDOC Week – 4 to 11 July 2021

The APS is offering a webinar that is free to all members and student members, entitled What does decolonisation within psychology mean for me?, presented by Professor Pat Dudgeon, Kelleigh Ryan, Tanja Hirvonen and Professor Chris Sonn, on Wednesday 7 July from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.

Please also take note of the many other ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are recognised and celebrated this week, on radio and TV programs (have you checked out NITV?).

ISN Research Seminars

During semesters, experts in their field talk about topics relevant to psychology. These series of visiting speakers give students, and staff, the opportunity to find out about the very latest advances in research in psychology, and related areas.

These seminars, not open to the general public, are for all staff and students of ISN College of Psychiatry, and associated institutions. If you have any questions about the seminars please email A/Prof. Pascal Molenberghs (pmolenberghs@isn.edu.au)

Current seminar programme 2021

Seminar 1 (11th of March) – Dr Stephanie Merkouris – Advancements in the treatment of gambling problems

Seminar 2 (25th of March) – Professor David Coghill – Why is Phillip such a fidget and Johnny an airhead?

Seminar 3 (22nd of April) – Dr Melissa Mulraney – Definition, recognition and treatment challenges of irritability in children and adolescents

Seminar 4 (6th of May) – Associate Professor Sarah Whittle – Impact of the family environment on brain development during childhood and adolescence

Seminar 5 (20th of May) – Presenter: TBA – Title: TBA

Past seminar programmes

Semester 1, 2020

Seminar 1 – Dr. Hannah Fraser – The replication crisis: causes and solutions

Seminar 2 – Dr. Tiffani Howell – ‘You can’t bring that dog in here!’ Community awareness of assistance dogs’ legal access rights

Seminar 3 – Sarah Giles – The role of cognitive and interpersonal factors in the maintenance of eating disorders

Seminar 4 – Dr. Isabel Krug – Should purging disorder be included as a separate eating disorder in the DSM-6?

Seminar 5 – Professor Brock Bastian – Why we need a different approach to promoting mental health

Semester 2, 2020

Seminar 1 – Professor Simine Vazire – Where are the self-correcting mechanisms in science?

Seminar 2 – Dr Mandy Cassimatis – Digital health interventions as components of clinical practice in clients with comorbid chronic disease and mental health issues: An example of an online type 2 diabetes program

Seminar 3 – Professor Jason Mattingley – Understanding the role of prediction in sensory coding

Seminar 4 – Dr Guy Prochilo – Three ways you can get started with open science right now

Seminar 5 – Professor Nikolaos Kazantzis – Moving into the next generation: What is process-based CBT exactly?


Seminar 1 – A/Prof. Jarrad Lum – An introduction to systematic reviews and meta-analyses: What are they and why are they are so useful?