The education arm of the Institute for Social Neuroscience Psychology (ISN) offers a unique path to your career in psychology. Whether you have just finished Year 12, or have completed an undergraduate degree, enrolling at ISN Psychology allows you to learn and explore in an environment that values intellectual curiosity and freedom of expression.

You will study in an institute that specialises in psychology, with no other faculties competing for funds and resources. And since ISN Psychology has its own on-site clinic and access to research facilities you will learn from highly-regarded staff in profession.

Learning adjacent to the prestigious medical precinct in Heidelberg, you will benefit from ISN Psychology’s collaboration with research organisations.

The newly-outfitted learning and clinic facility has modern lecture rooms, one of which has two 215 cm touch screens to provide an interactive learning experience. Lectures can be recorded on video so that they are available online for students to review at any time.

We provide students with the latest information technology services to facilitate learning, including:

  • An electronic library
  • Moodle Rooms and Blackboard
  • WiseNet enrolment portal
  • Video recording of lectures
  • Interactive lectures with live Twitter feeds, access to internet and on-screen lecture notes and materials
  • Online study groups and tutorials


We are encouraging our students to keep in touch with us and each other after they finish their courses.

As alumni of ISN Psychology, networking within the profession will enhance your careers and help you to remain at the forefront of your chosen profession.

When you are close to completing your course, we will provide advice on helping you to remain in contact through our alumni network.

Mindfulness and Well-Being

We promote well-being, resilience and mindfulness so as to enhance our students’ academic and personal success, plus their enjoyment of studying at ISN Psychology.

Disability Services

Students with a disability must indicate this on the ISN Psychology Acceptance of Offer digital form which is accessible on the website when a student receives an offer of a place.

The nature and extent of a disability is required to be articulated. Students will then work with our Disability Officer to determine how disability support considerations can be accommodated within our course delivery framework.