Master of Professional Psychology

5th Year of the 5+1 Pathway

The Master of Professional Psychology provides your fifth year sequence in psychology.  Course work in this one year full time program consists of course work, practical placement and research components. This course is accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

Students will complete a minor research thesis as part of the program in a significant area of psychological research. Professional skills in psychology will be fostered through our purpose built facility at University Hill, Bundoora.

Coursework will provide students with the ground work and professional skills in psychology needed to commence their internship.

Graduates of the Master of Professional Psychology (having completed their 5th year of the 5+1 pathway) must complete an additional one year of approved supervised professional practice (internship) and then pass the national psychology exam to obtain full general registration as a psychologist with AHPRA.

  • Prospective students that have completed a four year, APAC accredited* sequence in psychology are eligible to apply for a place in the Master of Professional Psychology at ISN.
  • Applicants must be eligible for registration as a provisional psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA).
  • Successful candidates will be required to apply for provisional registration and provide a police check, working with children check and evidence of appropriate professional indemnity insurance and/or APS membership as part of the enrolment process.
  • In addition to achieving PsyBA provisional registration through AHPRA prior to practicum, students will be required to maintain this registration throughout the course as required by APAC.
  • Candidates must meet minimum English language proficiency standards for entry to the Master of Professional Psychology. This will require that candidates have successfully completed a 4th year APAC accredited psychology degree (or demonstrated English equivalency).
  • Permanent residency students and/or students who have obtained their qualifications from overseas, in addition to providing their APS documentation for equivalency, need to demonstrate appropriate International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores. An overall minimum of 7.0 with no band less than 7 is expected.

(*Students who completed their undergraduate studies overseas but meet the domestic student criteria can apply for this course. ISN requires evidence of course equivalence in the form of an APS assessment document for all international qualifications)

Selection Process

  1. Applicants will be ranked on the basis of academic merit (based on the transcripts provided), previous work experience and/or training, academic and professional referee reports.
  2. Short-listed applicants will be invited to attend an interview and scores will be derived during this process to select candidates for the program.
  3. Domestic students with Australian citizenship or Permanent Residency rights (or New Zealand Citizenship) can apply.
  4. ISN cannot currently accept applications for international students.

Working as a psychologist is a complex and challenging role with wide ranging responsibilities. Foremost among these is our responsibility for the safety of the public. At ISN Psychology we take this very seriously.

As part of ISN Psychology training in clinical psychology you will be made aware of the personal, professional, ethical and legal aspects of these responsibilities.

In effect, the training in the Master’s program involves developing knowledge, learning a set of skills and taking up the role of a professional psychologist. To this end, the development of the personal and professional go hand in hand.

A number of aspects of your training program are designed to specifically support the development of these skills. These include regular monitoring of your academic and professional activities and engagement in all aspects of the program. You will be given feedback about how you are progressing with taking up the role of clinical psychologist and developing the required competencies.

The inherent standards below specify the course requirements of the Masters of Professional Psychology for student admission and progression. The statements are clustered under eight domains consisting of ethical behaviour, behavioural stability, legal, communication, cognition, relational skills, reflective skills and sustainable performance. Many of the activities associated with the professional practice of a registered psychologist are time sensitive, where the capacity to perform certain activities within specified time limits is required to reduce or avoid risks to patient safety and wellbeing. The safety and wellbeing of you and others is always of paramount importance.

Students are required to undertake placement activities in mixed gender environments which reflect the Australian health care context.

Successfully completing the course enables you to apply for registration as a registered psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA), which is a partner board of the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority (AHPRA). The inherent requirements outlined below provide a guide for students and staff when deciding whether you are able to meet these requirements and the type of reasonable adjustments that could be put in place to allow you to complete the course without compromising the academic integrity of the course.

Your responsibility is to act professionally. This involves ongoing reflection and actively engaging and responding to feedback. Professional conduct that falls outside of this is subject to review. The review process may include participation in a meeting with senior ISN staff where feedback, guidelines for professional behaviour and timelines for change will be provided.

In instances where an appropriate standard of professional behaviour is not attained, ISN Psychology retain the option to terminate involvement in the program.

Please see the following link for more detail:

The Master of Professional Psychology program consists of one-year full-time study or part-time equivalent study. Part-time places are limited and may not be available each academic year. The course structure is based on two full-time semesters (each of 12 weeks’ duration).
The degree comprises 7 core units of which two will focus on the completion of a research project/thesis and five units will prepare students for working as a provisional psychologist, with placements in the Practicum A.

The units are at AQF level 9 standard and are to be completed within 1 year (full time, 5th year) or part-time equivalent (5th year over 2 years). The mode of delivery for these units will include: ‘on-site’ face to face learning (all units), mixed/blended learning (all units), intensive block mode (ISN 5104, ISN5201), distance/independent learning (ISN5201, ISN5203), external learning for external research projects (ISN5203) and independently working on a research project with regular meetings with research supervisor (ISN5203).

Semester 1

ISN5101 Clinical Skills & Formulation
ISN5102 Psychopathology
ISN5103 Psychological Assessment
ISN5104 Research Project A

Semester 2

ISN5201 Practicum A
ISN5202 Basic Psychological Interventions
ISN5203 Research Project B

ISN Psychology is a FEE-HELP approved provider.

Tuition Fees are payable upfront or through FEE-HELP for eligible students.

Schedule of FEE HELP/ Upfront Tuition Fees – 2022

Name of Course: Master of Professional Psychology (year 5)
Training Package Code: MProfPsych
Delivery Location(s): Ivanhoe & Bundoora campus
Delivery Mode(s): On-site/Mixed-Blended

Unit of Study Unit Code Commence date Census date Completion date* EFTSL TUITION FEES
2021 Full fee-paying (FFP) Government subsidised student (GSS)
Semester 1: Clinical Skills & Formulation ISN5101  1 March 30 March 26 June 0.125 $3,726.00 N/A
Semester 1: Psychopathology ISN51021  1 March 30 March 26 June 0.125 $3,726.00 N/A
Semester 1: Psychological Assessment ISN5103  1 March 30 March 26 June 0.125 $3,726.00 N/A
Semester 1: Research Project A ISN5104  1 March 30 March 26 June 0.125 $3,726.00 N/A
Semester 2: Practicum A ISN5201 26 July 27 August 26 Nov 0.125 $4,767.00 N/A
Semester 2: Basic Psychological Interventions ISN5202 26 July 27 August 26 Nov 0.125 $3,726.00 N/A
Semester 2: Research Project B ISN5203 26 July 27 August 26 Nov 0.25 $7,452.00 N/A
Total 1.000 $30,849.00 N/A

* End of Exam Period

** NOTE: Fees indicated are 2022 pricing.