Honours Degree

Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons)  – BPsychSci(Hons)

(4th year Honours Degree)


The Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) is an AQF level 8  qualification and the 4th year or honours year of a psychology qualification. Prospective students are invited to apply for the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours).

The Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) is offered face-to-face at ISN Psychology’s Ivanhoe campus in Melbourne, Victoria. The degree is accredited  by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

Graduates of the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) are prepared for work in a number of settings through research, psychiatric hospitals, special schools, government, not-for-profit organisations, human resource management, market research and guidance or counselling for educational, vocational or personal problems.

Graduates of the honours program are eligible to apply for associate membership with the Australian Psychological Society (APS). In Australia, it is a requirement to complete two years supervised psychological practice after fourth year. This can be achieved through completion of a two-year professional master program or 5+1 program in psychology.

ISN Psychology offers a Master of Psychology (Clinical) for eligible students

  • Entry to the 4th Year Honours programme in Psychology at ISN requires successful completion of an APAC-accredited qualification eg. a Bachelor Degree in psychology,  a Bachelor Degree in any discipline plus an APAC-accredited sequence in psychology or a qualification obtained from an overseas education institution assessed as comparable to an APAC-accredited qualification/sequence in psychology.
  • Students who completed their first three years of study with ISN Psychology and meet minimum entry requirements will continue on in the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours).
  • Students who exited after the third year of study from ISN with a Bachelor of Psychological Science or the equivalent from another institute are eligible to apply for a place in the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours).
  • Additionally, candidates must meet minimum English language proficiency standards for entry to an AQF level 8 Honours degree.
  • Domestic students with Australian citizenship or Permanent Residency rights can apply. ISN cannot currently accept applications for international students.
  • The minimum entry for a quota subject may differ each year depending on the applications received.  While students who meet the above entry requirements may apply, due to the competitive nature of the course a credit grade point average average of 60% or higher in the second and third year psychology units of an APAC accredited psychology degree, or equivalent, is expected for entry to the Honours year at ISN.
  • A full list of entry requirements for the 4th year Honours degree in Psychology at ISN can be found in the ISN Policies and Procedures

ISN Tuition Fees

  • ISN Psychology is  a FEE HELP approved provider.
  • Tuition Fees are payable upfront or through FEE HELP for eligible students.

Schedule of FEE HELP/ Upfront Tuition Fees – 2022

Name of Course: Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)

Training Package Code: BPsychSci(Hons)

Delivery Location(s): Ivanhoe campus

Delivery Mode(s): On-site

Unit of Study Unit  Code Commence date Census date Completion date EFTSL TUITION FEES
Full fee-paying (FFP) Government subsidised student (GSS)
Semester 1: Lifespan Development and Psychopathology ISN401 1 Mar 30 Mar 26 Jun 0.125 $3,198.00 N/A
Semester 1 or 2: Psychological Assessment ISN402 1 Mar 30 Mar 26 Jun 0.125 $3,198.00 N/A
Semester 1 or 2: Research Methods ISN403 1 Mar 30 Mar 26 Jun 0.125 $3,198.00 N/A
Semester 1 or 2: Research Thesis 1 ISN404 1 Mar 30 Mar 26 Jun 0.125 $3,198.00 N/A
Semester 2: Contemporary Professional Psychology ISN411 26 Jul 27 Aug 20 Nov 0.125 $3,198.00 N/A
Semester 1 or 2: Research Thesis 2 ISN412 26 Jul 27 Aug 20 Nov 0.375 $9,594.00 N/A
Total 1.000 $25,584.00 N/A

** NOTE: Fees indicated are 2022 pricing.

  • The Honours year consists of one year full-time, or the part-time equivalent study.
  • The course structure is based on two full-time semesters (each of 12 weeks’ duration).
  • The degree comprises of six core units of which two will focus on the completion of a major research project/thesis. All students will present their final research project at a conference facility.
  • For more information about the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) course structure please see our Honours Handbook and the course sequence and unit outlines below.

Course Sequence

Semester 2

ISN411 Contemporary Professional Psychology*

ISN412 Research Thesis 2

*Students enrolled in the mid-year intake will complete ISN411 Contemporary Professional Psychology in their semester 1 and ISN402 Psychological Assessment in their semester 2.

For more information and instructions on how to apply, follow this link to our application page – Applications

Combined Degree Sequence

We offer the following combined sequence degree as a Full-Time degree only:

Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) & Masters of Psychology (Clinical) (year 4-6)

Special entry requirements apply for entry into this degree sequence and to maintain enrolment. In general students need to meet the relevant entry requirements stated above in addition to a high level of academic achievement and highly rated experience. Vocational and related psychological assessment will also form part of the evaluation process for entry into the sequence degree.

At ISN Psychology students can apply for entry into the sequence above. This allows for greater flexibility and an opportunity for eligible students, who continue to achieve at a high standard, to complete a full sequence of study towards registration outcomes.