At ISN Psychology, we take a broad approach to the study of psychology, employing the cross-disciplinary approach of social neuroscience. This new discipline investigates the complex interrelationship between the evolutionary, ecological and biological mechanisms, and the historical and social environment to further understand human nature and behaviour.

With our strong focus on research, and funded research placements for all Honours and Masters students, ISN Psychology facilitates fundamental and ‘new’ cross-disciplinary research. The Institute will have a strong focus on how events in history impact on individual behaviour and societies and ultimately, explain social behaviour and history in the basic principles and facts of evolution, genetic inheritance, ecology, and physiology. These broad ranging areas of knowledge have application not only in psychology but across many other fields of social science, education, business, environmental management, sustainability and social welfare.


Given the limited postgraduate positions available in Psychology in Australia, graduates of other tertiary institutions who have not been successful in securing Honours, or Masters level places can also apply to transfer into ISN Psychology to pursue either of these degree pathways.

ISN Psychology also offers a Graduate Diploma in Psychological Studies, as a 2-year bridging program, which is ideal for those wishing to fast track a career path transition into psychology.


The education arm of ISN Psychology offers a unique path to your career in psychology. Whether you have just finished Year 12, or have completed an undergraduate degree and wish to transfer over, enrolling at ISN Psychology allows you to learn and explore in an environment that values intellectual curiosity and freedom of expression.

Our clinical learning pathway comprises a solid framework of broad ranging theory, research and supervised clinical placements. This provides students with a 6-year degree pathway leading to eligibility for registration with AHPRA as a psychologist. After completing an APAC-accredited Master or Doctorate, a registered psychologist must then undertake a PsyBA registrar program in order to be eligible for endorsement in one of the nine PsyBA approved areas of practice (see httpss://www.psychology.org.au/studentHQ/studying/studypathways/).

Our third year electives and research thesis in 4th year give students the skills and flexibility to pursue a research career path. Our top students can pursue a research career in our core areas of research interest by applying for an ISN Psychology sponsored scholarship to undertake a PhD at another tertiary institution. Alternatively, students could enter allied health fields.

A psychology degree is highly valued in other related professions, and facilitates employment opportunities across a broad range of areas, including allied health, human resources and organisational psychology, marketing, government administration, and business management.


ISN Psychology offers clinical experience and fully-funded research opportunities for all postgraduate students, providing a unique opportunity for its student population.

The ISN Clinic has been set up to provide the most advanced treatments for mental illness, to restore mind-body balance and promote resilience and well-being.

We use cutting-edge research from across the world to apply and improve existing treatments, and to develop new and powerful approaches to patient care. The clinic provides services in:

  • Clinical psychology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Cognitive & educational assessments
  • Mindfulness therapy & meditation
  • Tinnitus & hyperaccusis treatment

ISN’s research arm investigates the complex interrelationship between the evolutionary, ecological and biological mechanisms, and the historical and social environment to further understand human nature and behaviour.

Clinical and research experience, along with further experience gained through placements in health or other related fields, allow our students to graduate with the breadth of skills and experience needed for a career in general psychology, clinical psychology or research.

Located near the prestigious Heidelberg medical precinct, you will benefit from ISN’s collaboration with world-class research organisations.

Through a solid framework of theory, research and practical clinic-based learning ISN Psychology’s Master graduates will be eligible for registration with AHPRA as psychologists and will possess the skills needed to be well-regarded clinicians or researchers in their respective fields.


The newly-outfitted learning and clinic facility has modern lecture rooms, one of which has two 215 cm touch screens to provide an interactive learning experience. Lectures can be recorded on video so that they are available online for students to review at any time.

We provide students with the latest information technology services to facilitate learning, including:

  • An electronic library
  • Moodle Rooms and Blackboard
  • WiseNet enrolment portal
  • Video recording of lectures
  • Interactive lectures with live Twitter feeds, access to internet and on-screen lecture notes and materials
  • Online study groups and tutorials