Virtual Reality for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

At ISN Psychology we endeavor to utilise the lastest technology to assist in developing treatments for anxiety disorders. In particular we are developing a virtual reality exposure therapy plan for the treatment of phobias.

Our techniques are evidence based and are constantly evaluated for their effectiveness within our clinic. Our continued research in the area of virtual reality and artificial intelligence will help to increase the effectiveness and realism of this technology.

Opportunities exist to expand the potential use of this therapy in clinical practice. Students can choose to explore this technology and seek research programs to increase its clinical applicability through neuroscience, artificial intelligence and psychology research projects.

Bio Metric Data Integration

We use solutions from iMotions that allow researchers or clinicians to detect how aroused or stressed people are by measuring changes in the conductivity of their skin. The more emotionally aroused we are the more sweat our hands produce. iMotions Biometric Research Platform is the world leading platform for psychological research, enabling researchers to assess behavioural, cognitive & emotional responses in one single platform during psychological tests & situations.

Psychological Research at ISN

  • Stress, anxiety, sensation, sleep & biorhythms motor control
  • Family/couple therapy, forensic, individual, assessment, sports
  • Attention, memory, perception, social, education
  • Social, cognitive, personal development & aging
  • Cognition, behavior social, developmental aspects.