How to Apply

Applications may be made via our Applications page. For a more detailed overview of our application process, as well as information on our quotas and the academic requirements for our courses, please expand the topics below by clicking on the ‘+’ button.

  1. Applications for course entry must be made prior to cut off dates published on the website for individual course offerings.
  2. Applications will consist of submission of an application form together with copies of original documentation outlining student achievements, past secondary and tertiary education results, and references where applicable.
  3. Applications and cut off dates will be published on the ISN Psychology application page.
  4. Applications received past the published deadline for any course offerings in a given semester may not be considered.
  5. Applicants may apply for entry into the following course offerings:
    • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Year 1-3)
    • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) (Year 1-4)
    • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) (4th year only)
    • Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies (bridging program)
    • Master of Psychology (Clinical) (Year 5-6)
    • Combined: Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) & Master of Psychology (Clinical) sequence (Year 1-6)
    • Combined: Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) & Master of Psychology (Clinical) (year 4-6)
  1. Applications for the following multiple course combination offerings will be permitted as full-time course offerings only:
  • Combined: Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) & Master of Psychology (Clinical) sequence (Year 1-6)
  • Combined: Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) & Master of Psychology (Clinical) (year 4-6)
  1. Quotas will be imposed on courses in line with available resources.
  2. Students must complete their course within a timely manner. Students must maintain an enrolment of at least two units per semester for part-time (or in the case of part time Honours students, 50 credit points per year). Failure to maintain this level of enrolment may result in a “Show Cause” notice. The appropriate course coordinator, in consultation with the Head of Psychology, may provide special dispensation allowing for fewer units/credit points to be undertaken per part-time year in special circumstances.
  3. Applicants of the combined course sequence who do not meet the requirements for entry into the combined sequence will be offered a place in either 5.2 or 5.3 depending on the sequence applied for in the first instance.
  4. Consideration to interview is no guarantee of admission into a course of study.
  5. While applicants may be offered a place in a combined course sequence, progression through this sequence is conditional on meeting minimum entry level expectation for each of the courses undertaken (see section B3 Requirements for Admission).
  6. The selection subcommittee will not deliberate further once a decision has been made.
  7. Offers for admission will be made over a number of rounds.
  8. Should the quota not be filled, a second call for applications will be made. These applicants will be assessed on an ad hoc basis and upon reaching levels considered to be of admission standard (by way of application and interview) will be made an offer of admission.

In order to be considered for a place in 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, and 5.6 applicants must have completed the necessary prior levels of an APAC accredited sequence of study in psychology.

A quota will be imposed on specific courses which will be determined by:

  • the staff: student ratio as prescribed by Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).
    • the resources available to service student research and placement offerings.
    • the number of equivalent full time (EFT) students currently enrolled in the course.
    • the number of available places.

Course quota’s for any given year will be published on the relevant course webpage.

The ISN selection subcommittee will determine minimum standards.

The subcommittee will consist of a mixture of academic and clinical staff as appropriate.

Competitive requirement to enter 1st year (AQF 7):

  1. Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)
    • Units 3 and 4 a study score of at least 20 in one of:
  • Biology,
  • Chemistry,
  • Geography,
  • Mathematics,
  • Psychology or
  • Physics;
    • Unit 1 and 2 Mathematics preferred but not essential; and
    • a study score of at least 25 in any English (except English as a Second Language (EAL)) or at least 30 in English (EAL).
  1. Applicants who completed year 12 more than two years ago or who are applying under the VET Qualification or Work Experience pathway should refer to the relevant information under ISN’s Admissions Criteria page.

Competitive Hurdle requirement to enter 4th year (AQF 8):

  1. Entry to the 4th Year Honours programme in Psychology at ISN requires successful completion of an APAC-accredited qualification eg. a Bachelor Degree in psychology,  a Bachelor Degree in any discipline plus an APAC-accredited sequence in psychology or a qualification obtained from an overseas education institution assessed as comparable to an APAC-accredited qualification/sequence in psychology.
  2. Students who completed their first three years of study with ISN Psychology and meet minimum entry requirements will continue on in the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours).
  3. Students who exited after the third year of study from ISN with a Bachelor of Psychological Science or the equivalent from another institute are eligible to apply for a place in the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours).
  4. Additionally, candidates must meet minimum English language proficiency standards for entry to an AQF level 8 Honours degree.
  5. Domestic students with Australian citizenship or Permanent Residency rights can apply. ISN cannot currently accept applications for international students.
  6. The minimum entry for a quota subject may differ each year depending on the applications received.  While students who meet the above entry requirements may apply, due to the competitive nature of the course a credit grade point average (60-69%) or higher in the second and third year psychology units of an APAC accredited psychology degree, or equivalent, is expected for entry to the Honours year at ISN.
  7. A full list of entry requirements for the 4th year Honours degree in Psychology at ISN can be found on page 14, Section 3.4 of the Policies and Procedures

The minimum requirement for master’s level (AQF Level 9):

Eligibility for entry is based on academic achievement in an APAC accredited four year sequence of study in psychology, with greatest weighting given to the 4th year (Honours). Students must be eligible to register as a provisional psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA), to be considered for entry into the Master of Psychology (Clinical).

  1. The minimum academic entry requirement is completion of an APAC accredited four year sequence of study in psychology, as stipulated in the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) guidelines.
  2. Applicants who can demonstrate that they are currently registered as a psychologist and complying with the CPD requirements of the Registration Board will be exempted from the aforementioned entry requirements and considered for entry into the postgraduate course based on experience in the field.
  3. Applicants meeting the academic criteria will be invited to attend a formal interview to determine their suitability to enter the Master program based on their interpersonal and communication skills.
    5.4 As special considerations have normally been applied to prior learning, no special considerations will be entered into or can be applied towards meeting this minimum standard.
    3.5.5  Candidates must be eligible to apply for provisional registration with the PsyBA.
  4. Additionally, candidates must meet minimum English language proficiency standards for entry to an AQF level 9 (or higher) course.
  5. Students must be able to abide by inherent requirements stipulated by ISN Psychology.