What is the link between diet and mental health?

What is the role of Virtual Reality in the treatment of mental health?

Why did Brexit happen?

Why was Trump elected?

Why do civilisations rise and fall?

Are you ready to be challenged?

Are you seeking an open environment to learn and explore in?

If the answer is yes,

then an ISN psychology degree is for you


Where imagination,
exploration and application come together.

Offering undergraduate & postgraduate degree pathways in Psychology

 Applications Now Open

Undergraduate  2019  Round 2* Intake (Closing 18 January 2019)

Bachelor of Psychological Science (year 1-3) or Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) (year 1-4)

Honours in Psychology 2019 Round 3* Intak(Closing 18 January 2019)

Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) (year 4)

Master of Psychology (Clinical) 2019 Round 3* Intake (Closing 18 January 2019)

Master of Psychology (Clinical) (year 5-6)

*Round 2 and Round 3 applications will be considered in order of date received once previous round applications have been processed


At its ‘psychology-only’ campus in the heart of the prestigious Heidelberg medical precinct, ISN offers Undergraduate (Hons) and Master’s degrees. This is your passport to a career in psychology or  related professions.


Drawing on epigenetics, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, biology and  social science, social neuroscience investigates neural, hormonal, cellular, and genetic mechanisms that underlie individual behaviour and human nature.


Conducting blue-sky research and with access to other colleagues and facilities in the precinct, ISN’s researchers enjoy the freedom to express revolutionary ideas on topics from epigenetics to evolutionary psychology.

A World of Endeavour

Coming soon – Explore our e-magazine, A World of Endeavour, where we publish important contributions our researchers have made in their field.