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ISN Psychology Key Dates

It’s important to keep track of the key events during the year, so please refer here when you need to know when courses are starting, Census day deadlines, or when to expect results. As we began 2017 in a staggered start, the dates for Honours and Masters subjects run on their own timeline. Come 2018, both undergraduate and postgraduate studies will run at the same time.

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) – 2017

Date Event
1st May Orientation
15th May Classes Commence
3rd July Mid Semester Break
10th July Lectures Resume
21st July Census Date
8th August Classes End
21st August Exam Period
1st September Final Results Released
11th September 2nd Semester – Classes Commence
23rd October Mid Semester Break
30th October Lectures Resume
1st December Census Date
4th December Classes End
22nd December Final Results Released

Master of Psychology (Clinical) – 2017

Date Event
19th July Orientation
24th July Classes Commence
4th September Mid Semester Break
11th September Lectures Resume
18th October Classes End
20th October Census Date
30th October Exam Period
10th November End of Semester
1st December Final Results Released

ISN Course Dates – 2018 (Undergraduate and Masters)

Date Event
19th February Orientation
26th February Classes Commence
9th April Mid Semester Break
16th April Lectures Resume
30th April Census Date
25th May Classes End
5th June Exam Period
22nd June End of Semester
23rd July 2nd Semester – Classes Commence
3rd September Mid Semester Break
15th October Classes End
29th Ocotber Exam Period
9th November End of Semester