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Student Support

Stress management classes

The ISN Clinic will run stress management workshops and classes throughout the year. Sessions run specifically in house for students will be free. These sessions will be run twice a semester. Stress management classes will be ongoing at the facility, some taking on specific themes and running for a number of weeks. Public sessions will be made available to students at a discounted rate.


Counselling and Clinical Services for Students

Students have access to our clinical and counselling service. Students identified as requiring such assistance will be directed toward assistance by the course coordinator or via the Student Services Liaison Officer.

Students in need of clinical psychological intervention or seeking professional counselling can do so by either direct referral by their general practitioner or via direct contact with the Student Services Liaison Officer. Strict clinician-client confidentiality will apply to these sessions.


Student Appeals and Rights

Full details of the rights of students to appeal, to complain, to be provided with a safe and secure environment, bully-free environment, and to access support services are outlined in our ISN policies and procedures handbook.

A range of committees are in place to protect the rights of students and to ensure that all students are treated fairly, assessed fairly and that their conduct is in keeping with the College standards.

Student Support Services Handbook

Download our Student Support Services Handbook

ISN’s Student Support Services Handbook covers a range of topics including:

  • Orientation Program
  • Academic Skills Workshops
  • Tutoring Services
  • OH&S Policy, including Campus Safety
  • Disability Support Services
  • Student Counselling Services
  • Stress management classes
  • Thesis and experimental design workshops
  • ISN Seminar Series
  • E-learning resources
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Specific Support Services
  • Information for interstate and Regional Students

IT Support Services

At ISN we use a range of digital technologies to provide you with the latest and state of the art learning platforms for your study:

ISN Moodle – The ISN Moodle site will be your primary point of interaction – the Moodle site contains your enrolled units, lecture slides, readings and assignment submissions functionality.

Blackboard Collaborate – Blackboard collaborate is an online conferencing package tailored to providing an interactive session between lecturers and students. Collaborate will be used to record and live stream lectures, and provides ISN the flexibility to run tutorials and 1 on 1 tutoring sessions online.

Cengage Mindtap – Cengage Mindtap provides online versions of our textbooks, along with quizzes and other tailored learning resources to aid in the learning process. The Mindtap program grants access to texts for units students are currently enrolled in.

ISN Student Portal – The ISN Student Portal allows you to access your enrolment details with ISN. Students can  edit their personal details,  course enrolment and study history, and check their timetable.

Student Gmail – Every student will be provided with a school specific student gmail account. This account will be the primary method of communication between ISN and students.

Office 365 – In conjunction with Microsoft every student will receive online access to Office 365.

IT Helpdesk – An IT support service for students with technical problems or any queries regarding our online services, such as online lectures, tutorials, and submitting assignments. We are happy to help with any enquiries you may have and we will always provide a prompt response and try to help you directly or connect you with other assistance or information providers.
Phone: (03) 9456 9188
Email: helpdesk@isn.edu.au

Academic Skills Workshops and Resources

ISN Academic Skills Handbook covers a range of topics including:

  • Academic Writing: How to Write Effectively
  • Grammar and Editing
  • Understanding Assignment Questions
  • How to Plan Assignments
  • How to do Research
  • Referencing and Citing Using the APA Referencing Style
  • Examination Preparation
  • Speaking and Presenting
  • Tips for Undergraduates
  • Tips for Postgraduates

Student Safety

Clinic Emergency and Safety Procedures

Before any student commences placement at the clinic they must complete a building induction. The building induction includes a tour of the clinic area noting fire exits, panic alarm buttons and emergency exits; instructions on how to operate the video recording equipment; and activation of pass and identification tags. At the end of induction students will be quizzed to test their understanding of everything covered.

During the induction, all students will receive a list of mobile phone numbers to contact in the event of an emergency within the clinic or campus. ISN Psychology staff also have these numbers. In addition, the numbers will be visible on signs detailing the emergency procedures. The signs will be placed on walls around the clinic and campus as well as in the toilets. They will also be on the ISN website.

Regular testing of panic and fire alarms will be held so all staff and students are familiar with the different sounds.